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What a Gay Day we had at Seaton Delaval Hall

As the National Trust booklet says......

there are so many ways to describe Seaton Delaval Hall. An Architectural masterpiece. The finest house in North East England. The ancestral seat of ancient Norman knights. Home to a family whose name was a byword for scandal. The scene of theatrical performances, wild parties and elaborate pranks. A charred relic. A glowering ruin. A faithfully tended survivor. A national treasure.'

Whichever epithet you choose, Seaton Delaval is marvellous place for a day out. Commissioned by Admiral George Delaval in the 18th century and designed by John Vanburgh (of Blenheim Palace/Castle Howard fame) it is full of architectural splendour, surprise and lots of space for families to revel in and to bring picnics.

View through the herbaceous perennials from the East

Waking up in the morning and furniture might be upside down! Apparently the wild parties that were thrown including high jinks and lots of practical jokes, you didn't know what you would wake up to!

Entrance hall with mirrored ball plus a series of fine sculptures which had to be conserved where they stand as they are tied to the wall and too delicate to bring down.

The superlative spiral staircases found on both sides of the house. The top part still had steel that was melted in the fire of 1822 which also melted the stain glass and lead so that the 'roof poured down like water' Newcastle Chronicle 4/1/1822

Wye eye! Here's looking at you kiddo! Fun eye pictures on the wall of the West Wing.

Vaulted basement with new floor for visitors.

Looking down into the entrance saloon

The chapel of Church of Our Lady, to the south east of the hall, erected by a Norman knight Hubert de la Val in 1095. This becomes Delaval and it was William II who gave him land at Seaton

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