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Durham Heritage Coast

Click below to view my videos of Easington and the Durham Heritage Coast. So much has changed on the coast in the last thirty years since the last deep mine closed and today nature has returned to this hidden gem on the North Sea. Take a walk to the intriguing Hawthorn Hive that was a busy fishing village in former pre mining days or see where the famous Billy Elliot film was shot. Why not book me for a personalised guided tour?


Easington Coast

In 2000 this beach was BLACK now it has returned to its natural state after the devastation caused by the mining operations here in Easington.


Hawthorn Hythe

The former Hawthorn Hythe (Hive) village which was bustling in the Georgian period with many fishing boats in the bay.


Hawthorn Hive Lime Kiln

Hawthorn Hive Lime Kilns were once producing lime for agricultural purposes when there was a bustling fishing village here up to the 1820s.


Easington Colliery

Easington Colliery was the site of the last deep coal mine in County Durham when it closed in 1993. Hear how it has struggled since that time with the loss of its major employer despite the strength of the community.


Easington Miners Lift

Easington mine was the last deep coal mine in County Durham and closed in 1993. Here Ken Bradshaw explains the history of the mine and its legacy.



A description of the Faith Museum, opening in 2023 at Bishop Auckland.



The Spanish Gallery in Bishop Auckland with paintings by Greco and Zubarans - opened in 2022.

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