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Bishop Auckland

Click below to view my videos of Bishop Auckland which is becoming a major tourist destination. The official residence of the Bishop of Durham, the 900 year old Auckland Castle has seen many changes but in recent times has seen a major upgrade to welcome new visitors. More recently, a staggering Welcome Tower was built as the first port of call for visitors. Art is big in this town with opportunities to visit the mining art gallery and learn how mining was a major industry in Victorian and last century. In 2022 a Spanish art gallery has opened with major works by El Greco. Why not book me for a personalised guided tour?



Ken Bradshaw, Blue Badge Tour Guide for North East England describes the legacy of many railway lines that have been turned into cycle and walking paths.


Auckland Castle

The residence of the powerful Prince Bishops of Durham, Auckland Castle was established by the Norman overlords and has become the centre of the rejuvenation of Bishop Auckland since Jonathan Ruffer bought it in 2011.


Bishop Auckland Tower

Bishop Auckland's Welcome Tower - bringing history alive to a former coal mining town.



The historical spectacular that occurs in the summer in Bishop Auckland.


Mining Art Gallery

Norman Cornish and other miners' art are displayed in this former bank building in Bishop Auckland.


Religion Museum

A description of the Faith Museum, opening in 2023 at Bishop Auckland.


Spanish Gallery

The Spanish Gallery in Bishop Auckland with paintings by Greco and Zubarans - opened in 2022.

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