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Stockton and Darlington Railway 1825-2025

On the 27th September 1825 the first ever passenger railway between Shildon and Stockton started a world wide movement that was to change the course of history. The Stockton to Darlington Railway, built for the movement of coal but with the added bonus that people liked to travel, meant that for the first people and goods could move en masse. Visits were made to the cities, to the seaside it was a whole new world.

Come with me and let me show you where this began. We can visit the many former elements , travel on some of the trackbed, see the worlds oldest railway bridge and visit the musems of Locomotion and Hopetown in Darlington and get close up to the original locomotives. Visit the earliest railway taverns in Darlington, Shildon and Stockton and learn about the railway pioneers of Stephenson (George and his son Robert), Timothy Hackworth and George Hudson. Options for walking, cycling and use of motorised transport. Contact me for more information.

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