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Prince Bishops, Battles of Kings and Serial Killers!

Come on a tour with local guide Ken Bradshaw and hear about the development of Durham City over a 1000 years, its involvement in a major battle in 1346 between England and Scotland and the opportunity to hear of dastardly deadly deeds of notorious serial killers such as Mary Ann Cotton.

Ken is offering three guided walks in October to understand the history that has shaped Durham city. For just the cost of a pint (£5) these tours, limited to 20 people per tour, are now available to book.

Ken Bradshaw’s tours of Durham October 2023

Choose from the following:

Sunday 8th October, 11am. Durham City Highlights. Starting in the market square, this one hour tour covers the main historic times, key events and the UNESCO world Heritage Site of Durham Castle and Cathedral. We start in the market square and finish outside the Norman – Romanesque Cathedral on Palace Green. Meet by the man on the horse in market square.

Sunday 8th October 1pm Crime and Punishment. A one hour tour that takes in 3 prisons, medieval punishment methods and stories of botched hangings. Learn about the lovable vagabond, Jimmy Allen who was held in the House of Correction under Elvet Bridge or one of Britain’s worst serial killer Mary Ann Cotton and how drinking her tea would have led to your downfall. Meet in the market square and we finish outside the County Court in Old Elvet

Monday 16th October 1pm Battle of Nevilles Cross. This two hour trail through a mix terrain of paths, trails and pavements takes us back to 17th October 1346, 677 years ago when Scottish forces, led by King David II attacked Durham. How did they fare? What happened to the King and learn how the Baron Nevilles were elevated to Earl status. Meet outside the Kingslodge Pub on Waddington Street.

This tour is repeated on Saturday 21st October at 1pm

How do you book? To come on the tour please book by bank transfer (I can send you details) or bring cash on the day. Cost is just £5 per person. Please contact Ken Bradshaw on 07591 468066 or for booking or more information.

For other tours and information please check out my website

With the Chartered institute of Credit Management

Fenwick Lawson's 'The Journey'

Crime and Punishment tour Sep 2022 outside the House of Correction

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