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First cruise ship gig of the year

On the weekend of the jubilee and having to miss the afternoon of my street party it was compensated by having 33 lovely German headbangers from the Mein Schiff 3 full metal cruise. With slight trepidation I had practiced my German introduction which went down very welll. I did have an experienced translator, Julia who had a good grasp of English and together we had a great tour of Durham and it’s magnificent cathedral.

Once inside the cathedral they were stunned by its incredible power and beauty and intrigued by some of the stories of the prince bishops.

We had a great half day and I regret not having taken any fotos, however my colleagues Christine Goodwin and Amanda Hepburn had what seemed like an even better experience by guiding the metalicos to Alnwick castle. Here they proceeded to try out their broomstick skills!

Thanks to Christine Goodwin for the foto

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